Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fourth of July

The 4th of July was a fun day, we spent the day with family swimming and eating...of course! Then had our own fantastic display of fireworks. Despite my continued pleading for pictures, we only got one! So sorry. And to top it all off, it's at the end of the night when we look a bit haggard! But it was documented and that's all that matters! Thanks to Shelia, Jimmy and boys for hosting our festivities, we had a great time! And thanks so much to grandma and grandpa Kimball for the awesome matching T-shirts! Wish we could have all been together to show them off. Love and miss you all!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cave Exploration

On our way home from Six Flags, we decided to be spontaneous and go cave exploring. Another great idea for a pregnant woman, but hey, I'm all for family time! The kids got to feed birds, pet snakes, and Jaxon even got to feed a baby lamb. Then we went into the cave. It was a very cool experience and the kids loved it! Oaklee is now nicknamed the "bird lady" as every bird in the cage flocked to her! She is such an animal kid, we couldn't get her to leave. Preston, however, is not a bird lover we discovered! He took great pictures, but as a bird (maybe two) flew toward him, there was some screaming and commotion. I'm not positive about the details of how he got out of the cage as I was bent over laughing too hard at this big strong man of mine and his apparent fear of birds! All in all, it was fun to do something new!

Family Vacation

Our planned vacation to see family this summer was unfortunately cancelled, so we had to come up with something fun to do with the kids before school started. Six Flags theme park was the consensus, so off we went. Almost six months pregnant, eight hours walking in the sun, not a great combination for me! But we had a great time and Jaxon was finally able to ride his first BIG roller coaster! Dakota would have, but as luck would have it, he was not quite tall enough...bummer! We also found out that Oaklee is quite the little dare devil, and rode any ride she was able to...even if it was without her brothers! She just made friends with whomever was on the ride with her. What a little social bug! We also went to the water park there and the kids got to be in their first wave pool expedition. We had a great time!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Jaxon Russell Ewing

Jaxon just turned nine last week, but really thinks he is quite a bit older! He will be in the third grade this year and is a very smart boy...sometimes too smart for his own good. Whether he is right or wrong, he will debate his point to the death! He enjoys learning, but is not too enthusiastic about starting school again. He is a great reader, but only likes to read if it's the right book. :) Jaxon is so awesome with little kids, and is way more patient with them than he is with most other people. He is ecstatic about his upcoming baby brother and has been actively feeling my belly for any and all movement! Jaxon loves to swim in our pool, and was a big part of helping Oaklee learn how to swim under water this year. He will also start his third season of soccer (in this league) this fall and absolutely loves being goalie. That is his position of choice, and really doesn't even like to try any other. He's getting better as he practices, and hopefully he'll block anything that comes his way this year! We love his tender spirit, and his desire to be with family above anyone long will this last!!

Dakota Preston Ewing

Dakota is seven years old and loves to be active and play all the time! Every night he asks what we're going to do the next day; like I have it all planned out the day before...please:) Dakota will be in the 2nd grade this fall, well technically in two weeks because we are on year round school. He is so excited to go to school, because he will get his first grade teacher again this year. She decided to move up one grade and take her whole class with her. We couldn't be more thrilled about it! Dakota will also start soccer again this fall, his third season in this league, and has been taking private lessons with one of the local college coaches since spring. He is our little athlete! Dakota is so excited to have a little brother to help take care of, and we love having him around to help keep our family active and excited.

Oaklee Sage Ewing

Oaklee is currently our baby princess...soon to be trumped by her newest brother:) She is four years old going on sixteen! Oaklee loves to get down and dirty with her brothers, but also loves to dress up and be a total girly-girl! She starts pre-school, soccer, and hopefully either gymnastics or ballet classes this fall. We are going to be very busy!! Oaklee has become quite the little fish, thanks to our backyard pool, and now refuses to use any floaties or life saving device! She wants to have goggles on and swim under water like her brothers!! Trouble, trouble, trouble!! We love her and are so blessed to have her in our home!